Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam needs no introduction. It has long been one of my favourite European destinations to visit, not only because it’s super easy and affordable to get to (a £50 flight / £30 coach return) but it knows how to put on a good time. I think the most underrated aspect of Amsterdam is that it’s stunning all year round. I’ve visited in all four seasons and find that not one season is more beautiful than the other. It really should be on all traveller’s bucket lists! Here are some of my favourite snaps…


5 thoughts on “Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      • LaurenKate says:

        haha to be honest by this time I just slept most of it and didnt pay much attention to anyone ha.

        I absolutely love your blog – can you help and let me know how you only post one recent post on your home page instead of all of them?

      • the travelling tapir says:

        That’s really kind! It could be down to the theme I use. I have a menu setting where I put my blog posts, and a welcome page. As much as it seems I’m no WordPress-whizz, but I hope this helps!

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