The Old Firehouse, Exeter, Devon

Since my lovely weekend away to Barcelona in April i’ve been a very stationary little Tapir. However, i seemed to have moved around the U.K. fairly frequently in the past couple of months, particularly to the West Country. I thought I would share one place especially which was most enjoyable to locals, visitors, students or simply those who fancy a pint after work.

On my most recent trip to Exeter (Devon) we stumbled across The Old Firehouse a little by accident.  The pub can be found down New North Street which is the turn off the main high street next to John Lewis (or follow the trail of trendy students who migrate there for a pizza). The pub is a three story high rickety wooden shack, which is equally charming and quaint. The fairy lights, candles and rustic bar provide the perfect setting for a chilled evening, and I am told that on a Friday night there is live music which is apparently worth a watch/listen.

The bar

The bar

I was pleasently surprised by the variety and choice of different fruit ciders and beers (which came from the barrel itself), and even more surprised by the reasonableness of the prices. At £2.50 a pint or a double spirit mixer for £3 this pub is definitely competitive with Spoons in prices, and London in atmosphere. This is certainly reflected by the number of people who acquainted the pub, with seats being limited on all three floors.  There is a large outdoor smoking area attached to the pub which on the warm evening which we visited on had the windows open making it seem more open plan.  One of the main attractions to the pub seems to be their infamous homemade pizza’s which are about 30cm squared and smothered in toppings and are available until 1.30am!  You’ll see (and smell) these delicious snacks shared between a group of drinkers, reminiscent of my time in the Tapas bars in spain.  The staff are as laid back as the atmopshere; warm, chatty and willing to let you sample the different beverages available.  Overall I had a lovely evening in The Old Firehouse, and would highly recommend the bar to anyone visiting or local to Exeter or Devon.

If you are interested in visiting the pub I have attached a link for you to browse and your leisure: