A New Chapter for the Tapir

I’m excited to announce that as of Monday I’m the new Account Executive at London-based travel PR and Marketing company Hills Balfour.

I’ve felt ready for a while to rein in my spontaneous inner-adventurer and sink my teeth into a role which will take me all over the world, whilst enabling me to progress. It’s quite amazing how grounded I already feel knowing I’ll be starting this on Monday and look forward to sharing my business and professional adventures abroad with you along the way.

In the meantime, what’s up London!




London, so far.


My adventures in London have been interesting and insightful so far. Fortunately my internship is only 3 days a week which gives me 4 days to wonder around and make the most of my new cosmopolitan surroundings. Our snazzy little flat is snuggled amongst several other high-rise blocks of flats, about a 7 minute walk from Kings Cross station. While Pete has been at work i’ve ventured to Oxford Street, Hackney and Spitalsfield Market for a little mosey, with the intention of visiting Brick Lane and Camden soon too.

Can anyone recommend anywhere good to visit? I’d like to get to know this big sprawl of a city a little better so I feel more at home.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



P.s. Here is some graffiti I saw on my way to work yesterday. Certainly wouldn’t see this is in Bolney.



The Big Chill Bar, Kings Cross, London

The tapir has landed, safely and soundly. I’ve been mooching around Kings Cross where I am now living and have found this gem of a bar/diner which I thought was worth sharing with you all.

The Big Chill Bar

It’s name is The Big Chill Bar which is on Pentonville Road, a 3 minute walk from Kings Cross/ St pancreas station. The clue is in the name: the staff, decor, atmosphere, menu – everything is laid back and fun which attracts a young, London, professional crowd. The price of drinks and food is typical of London (I bought a strawberry and lime Rekorderlig for £5) but the bars individuality makes it definitely worth your time (I’ve taken a photo of the food menu too for your perusal).

On a Friday and Saturday night it appears The Big Chill Bar is a hot spot with a roof top bar, hip hop dance floor and a disco room. I’m yet to experience this but I reckon it’ll be a quality evening. Entry is free before 10pm and students gets 10% off with an N.U.S. card.

Here is a link to their website for further information: