Adrasan, Turkey

I’ve always had the impression that Turkey is full of trashy beach resorts, sleazy men and doner kebabs. I couldn’t have been more wrong, nor more surprised when we visited Adrasan back in 2014. The town is rich in culture, community spirit and tranquillity.  Here are some belated snaps from one of my most treasured holidays.



Arikanda River Garden Hotel, Adrasan, Turkey

Possibly my most perfectly romantic and adventurous holiday of all time was to Adrasan in Turkey. Situated 2 hours from Antalya, Adrasan provides its guests with remoteness and tranquillity, while only a short drive from  myriad activities and excursions. While the town itself is lovely, what made this holiday as perfect as it was was down to the family run hotel we stayed in, The Arikanda River Garden Hotel.

The hotel was fantastic. Our bedroom was clean, spacious and had a kind size bed. My boyfriend and I enjoyed playing cards with an evening drink on our little balcony. While the room met our expectations, it was the service, atmosphere and the food which set Arikanda apart from any other hotel that I have ever visited. Our flight arrived late (and consequently was delayed), meaning we didn’t arrive at the hotel until 12.30 am. Tired and hungry, the family unexpectedly laid on a delicious mezze supper and introduced us adequately to what the surrounding area has to offer. We were touched at their kindness and warm welcome, which was continued throughout the week. Getting to know the family and having some banter with them made us instantly feel at home and relaxed, unlike any other hotel experience I’ve had.

I’m not the sort of tourist to stay in my hotel all week to eat, but Fell’s food is absolutely delicious and very reasonably priced. We enjoyed Mousakka, fresh calamari, the slow roast lamb and best of all the beef stroganoff. We ventured one night to the second best rated restaurant in Adrasan (the first being Fell’s food from Arikanda) and having a dissatisfactory meal we decided to only eat with Fell- mainly for the food and partly for the company of the family, cats and the famous ducks!

The family took us on various trips to the ancient ruins, boat trip (definitely worth doing), fire mountain, and cable car (worth a miss) and were able to add all costs to our final bill which was useful and incredibly reasonably priced!

Overall I cannot stress how much I enjoyed my holiday to Adrasan which was mainly due to our fantastic stay at Arikanda. We will almost certainly be returning and suggest you definitely consider it for a brilliant break by the sea!